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Trying to conceive? PayPal co-founder Max Levchin has an app for you

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Max Levchin at D11
Max Levchin at D11

At the D11 conference on Wednesday, PayPal co-founder Max Levchin unveiled his new project: a quantification app for iOS that's aimed at helping women conceive. It's called Glow, and works primarily as a fertility and health tracker, gauging a woman's menstrual cycle and monitoring cervical mucus levels for indicators. Couples will be reminded to have sex at peak fertility times. Levchin estimates the reminders would arrive roughly every other day.

The premise of the app is that only 2% of women who believe that they're infertile actually are. As a result, Glow has established a fund to pay for the fertility treatments of couples that fail to get pregnant after 10 months of using the app, starting with $1 million from Levchin himself.

"You think you can get people pregnant in 10 months?" asked AllThingsD's Kara Swisher onstage. "Not me personally," replied Levchin, "but yes."

There will also be a male version of the app but, without periods and cervical mucus checks, there's understandably less data to work from. Instead, it will focus on coordinating with the partner. If a woman records feeling stressed, for instance, Glow might send her husband a message about buying her flowers.

Glow is planning to release in the coming weeks, and be available in the app store in time for Apple's WWDC event on June 10th.