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On The Verge with 'The Elegant Universe' author Brian Greene

On The Verge with 'The Elegant Universe' author Brian Greene

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"And now the story of an online talk show that took a long hiatus, and the werewolf-ish host who brought it back. Every week. This is On The Verge."

Welcome to season two! A brand new studio. A whole new lease on life. Joshua sits down with theoretical physicist Brian Greene (The Elegant Universe, Hidden Reality) to talk about all the crazy edges of science. Our newest member of the team Nathan Cykiert ventures out into Times Square to address the "binge watching" epidemic. And also, we've got a few things to say about Tim Cook, Arrested Development, Mayor Bloomberg, and Cicadas. Just watch, it'll all make sense.

PS - If you happen to be in New York this week, check out the World Science Festival co-founded by Brian Greene!


Directed by Billy Disney and Jordan Oplinger

Producer: Ross Miller
Associate Producer: Michael Shane
Studio Producer: Brendan Murphy
Executive Producers: Joshua Topolsky, Chad Mumm, Kyle Kramer

Written by: Joshua Topolsky, Ross Miller, Nathan Cykiert

Editors: Billy Disney, Jordan Oplinger
Additional Editing: Regina Dellea
Sound Mixing: John Lagomarsino
Publishing Assistant: Evan Rodgers
Camera Operators: John Lagomarsino, Ryan "Rhondo" Manning, Sam Thonis

Host: Joshua Topolsky
Special Guests: Brian Greene

Featuring: Michael Shane, Nathan Cykiert
Voice of Bloomberg: Nick Fondulis

Production Manager: Marcos Bueno
From Vox Studios: Will Buikema, Dave Kaufman

Intro animation: Noah Schulman
On The Verge logo: Cory Schmitz
Booker: Mary Downey

Production Assistants: Courtland Noble, Cosmo Scharf, Jacob Moe, Jonathan Friedman

Special Thanks to: Marty Moe and Jim Bankoff