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June's book is 'Cat's Cradle': Reading Schedule



Happy almost-June! We're just finishing up William Gibson's Neuromancer, and next month, we'll be reading Kurt Vonnegut's 1963 classic, Cat's Cradle. It was also the book which won Mr. Vonnegut his Master's degree in anthropology from the University of Chicago.

Cat's Cradle is a breezy and fun read, and also a great introduction to Vonnegut if by chance you've never read him. Like the children's game which it is named after, however, the simplicity of Cat's Cradle is deceptive, and the book will stay with you long after you've finished it. We'll be reading and discussing it throughout the month of June, and the schedule is below.

You can also join our Goodreads group here. Join us, and enjoy.

June 1st - 8th: Chapters 1 through 29

June 9th - 15th: Chapters 30 through 60

June 16th - 22: Chapters 61 through 92

June 23rd - 30th: Chapters 93 to end