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PS4 games must support PS Vita Remote Play streaming, says exec

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Every standard PlayStation 4 game will be playable on Sony's PS Vita handheld using the Remote Play streaming functionality, a Sony executive has said. While the feature was announced during the company's PlayStation 4 event in February, Sony would only say at the time that the "long-term goal" was to get "almost every PS4 title" to work.

Eurogamer reported earlier, however, that Remote Play would be a mandatory feature for all PS4 games except those that require the PlayStation 4 Eye stereo camera, citing a developer source. The news was later confirmed on Twitter by Sony's president of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida.

Although such a feature is unlikely to spark many sales alone, it will be welcome news to current owners of the flagging handheld, which has suffered from poor retail performance and a barren software lineup. Sony is yet to announce further details of whether Remote Play will be available on other devices.