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'Things Come Apart' catalogs beautiful teardowns of everyday objects

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Things Come Apart
Things Come Apart

Canadian photographer Todd Mclellan leads an interesting life. For work, he snaps photos of some of the world's most innovative cars, but as an artist he takes pleasure in ripping things apart and finding out how they work — cataloging the teardowns of cameras, clocks, typewriters and other iconic items as part of his Disassembly Series project. His fascination has culminated in the release of his new book Things Come Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living, which "explores retro to modern daily items that have, are, or will be in our everyday lives." Objects include the iPad, a bicycle, and even a grand piano. Mclellan hopes that the disassembled objects will help people appreciate the intricate and efficient designs of modern technology while exposing the beauty and quality of older pieces. Things Come Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living goes on sale on May 31st.