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Top Shelf 009: a few of our favorite things

Top Shelf 009: a few of our favorite things

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Top Shelf 009 video lede
Top Shelf 009 video lede

Laptops, tablets, cameras... that's fun and all, but what do we *really* like? What else do we pine over and obsess about? Cars, apps, notebooks okay, maybe not notebooks. Welcome to a special live edition of Top Shelf, a weekly show from The Verge that takes a deeper dive into the products and experiences of the technology that shapes our lives. Join David Pierce and a veritable gaggle of (mostly organic) friends as they showcase the best, brightest, craziest, and pixel-dense-iest from the consumer electronics industry.


Director: John Lagomarsino

Producer: Ross Miller
Studio Producer: Brendan Murphy
Segments Producer: Christian Mazza
Executive Producers: Chad Mumm and Kyle Kramer

Editor: John Lagomarsino
Publishing Assistant: Evan Rodgers

Special Guests: Ellis Hamburger, Chris Ziegler, and Paul Miller
Host: David Pierce

Vox Studio Manager: Marcos Bueno
From Vox Studios: Robert Langevin, Will Buikema, Nick Prouty

Special Thanks to: Billy Disney and Jordan Oplinger

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