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Indie iOS darling 'Punch Quest' finally lands on Android

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punch quest title
punch quest title

After struggling to make a profit with sales on iOS, the eccentric and endless arcade-brawler Punch Quest has launched on Android. The game saw over a half-million downloads within a week of its release last October — but despite the addictive hit that developer Rocketcat Games had on its hands, the studio said that it wasn't making any money off of the in-app purchases that supported the free-to-play title. The company ultimately began charging $0.99 for the game, and since then has frequently tweaked the price of in-game items to encourage users to splurge on real-money purchases that help them more quickly accrue fun or useful upgrades.

Punch Quest for Android is selling for $0.99 and includes just about everything in the iOS version, including tablet support and plenty of optional purchases to further back the title. Rocketcat didn't develop the Android version itself, however — it brought in Noodlecake Studios, which made the popular Super Stickman Golf 2. Of course, Rocketcat may still have problems to face as it changes platforms: there have been reports of high piracy rates for Android games, and as it discovered in the first place, focusing on in-app purchases as a business model simply may not be viable for every studio.