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Google Glass may soon support directions and text messages on iOS

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Google Glass (STOCK)
Google Glass (STOCK)

Google's Glass headset seems futuristic, but it still relies on interfacing with a traditional smartphone. While it's possible to do basic pairing with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, only Android users can get support for navigation and SMS — the former being one of the most interesting and immediately useful features. That, however, may be changing soon. An unnamed Google employee has told TechCrunch that Glass users will soon be able to get these features regardless of platform. Right now, Android users must download the MyGlass companion app to set up Glass directions or texting support, but TechCrunch also suggests that these features may soon work independent of any app.

iPhone support on Glass seems likely to happen at some point, but if this statement is true, it's coming down the line very quickly. That said, we'd still treat this with a degree of skepticism — Glass is still very much in its prototype stages, and nothing is certain. Meanwhile, we've reached out to Google to see if it will officially confirm the news.