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Iconic 1987 Dieter Rams-designed Braun calculator to be re-released this year

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Braun ET66 calculator Dieter Rams
Braun ET66 calculator Dieter Rams

Landmarks of industrial design should be timeless. It's fitting, then, that Braun will re-release one of its most iconic products, the ET66 calculator from 1987. The minimalist calculator was designed under the legendary Dieter Rams, who joined the German firm in 1955, and it embodies his weniger, aber besser (less, but better) design philosophy. Apple was so taken by the design that the original iPhone calculator app was more than a little inspired by Rams' design. Thanks to the smartphone in your pocket, you likely won't have a need for an old-school calculator, but it's all about appreciating the beauty of simplicity — not performing arithmetic. Braun has announced plans to make the calculator available this year, but there's no word yet on where you'll be able to pick one of these icons up or how much it will cost you.