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First 'Ender's Game' footage revealed, trailer to debut in Google+ Hangout on May 7th

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Ender's Game screencap
Ender's Game screencap

The big-screen adaptation of Ender's Game isn't scheduled to land in theaters until November, but we're already getting our first glimpse at some footage from the film — and the official teaser trailer is just around the corner. On May 7th, the film's teaser will be unveiled during a live Google+ Hangout, accompanied by a conversation with three of the film's key creative elements: director Gavin Hood, star Asa Butterfield, and producer Bob Orci (whose credits include Alias, Fringe, and Star Trek Into Darkness).

In the meantime, a brief spot announcing the event features our first look at footage from the film — including appearances from Harrison Ford and Sir Ben Kingsley. The Google+ Hangout itself will be taking place on Tuesday at 1PM PT / 4PM ET.