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Justin Timberlake to headline September's iTunes Music Festival

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justin timberlake (instagram)
justin timberlake (instagram)

Justin Timberlake is among the headliners at this year’s iTunes Music Festival, Apple’s annual month-long series of musical performances in London. Apple is putting on concerts every night in the month of September, which it will serve up live or on-demand, either in iTunes, through an iOS app, or on the Apple TV — something it started last year. Other headliners include Jack Johnson, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Jessie J.

Earlier this month, Timberlake announced a follow-up to this year’s 20/20 Experience, his first new music in seven years. The new album is said to be scheduled for a September 30th release, and consists of music from the same sessions. We’re no record execs, but releasing a follow-up to your hit album during the same month as a widely publicized streaming performance hosted by your biggest retail partner sounds like a good way to sell some music to us.