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'Beetle Sphere' turns iconic Volkswagen into a giant yellow ball

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beetlesphere (flickr)
beetlesphere (flickr)

An artist in Indonesia has turned one of the most iconic cars ever produced into a giant ball. The aptly-named Beetle Sphere is the latest sculpture from Ichwan Noor, a Jakarta-based artist who molds cars into three-dimensional spheres and cubes. With Beetle Sphere, Noor chose a yellow 1953 Volkswagen Beetle as his subject matter, combining it with polyester and aluminum materials to create a giant sphere.

Noor has already molded five Beetle Spheres using this technique, and exhibited one of them at this month's Art Basel Hong Kong. According to the Japan Times, it sold for $88,000 shortly after the show opened. For more images of Noor's collection, including some of his anatomical works, click here.