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Shazam comes to Windows Phone 8 with home screen tagging and Xbox Music support

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Shazam Windows Phone 8
Shazam Windows Phone 8

Just a week after it released a new iPad app, Shazam has officially announced the launch of its music discovery service on Windows Phone 8 devices. The updated app is designed with speed in mind, and brings with it a few new features, including the ability to allow users to identify tracks directly from their home screen and then listen to or buy them through Xbox Music or Nokia Music. Like on Android and iOS, Windows Phone users will also be able to tag TV adverts, although it does not include the same auto-tagging technology found in the iPad app.

To tag from the home screen, Shazam requires Windows Phone owners to pin the tagging button, which will then display more information on the artist and the track. Shazam says it has included larger artwork and allows users to set cover art or charts as their smartphone wallpaper.