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Evernote ramps up security with two-step verification, access history, and authorized apps

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Evernote security 640
Evernote security 640

Evernote just announced a trio of new security features it's hoping will help safeguard user accounts from intrusion. Two-step verification is the first addition, and it works exactly like we've seen in other recent examples; after enabling the option, Evernote will send you an access code over SMS when you attempt to sign in from a new device. Google Authenticator can also provide security codes for anyone that prefers not to receive them as text messages. Rather than making two-step verification available to its entire customer base, Evernote is first rolling it out to Evernote Premium and Evernote Business users. "Once we’ve optimized our processes and feel comfortable with our ability to support a wide audience, we will make it available to all users," reads today's blog post on the changes.

Aside from joining the growing list of data services that have embraced two-step verification, Evernote is also introducing an "Authorized Apps" list. From here, you can immediately cut off an Evernote app's access to your account in the event your PC or smartphone is lost. A username and password will be requested the next time any deactivated app is opened. And finally, Evernote is making it easier to keep tabs on when your account is being accessed, and from where. A new Access History feature rounds up activity over the last 30 days, displaying versions of Evernote that have logged in along with their associated IP addresses.