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Google will keep making Nexus hardware, says Sundar Pichai

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Google Talk
Google Talk

At I/O, Google rolled out the first of its "Google Edition" smartphones with a Galaxy S4 running stock Android instead of Samsung's TouchWiz skin. Today, Sundar Pichai announced a Google Edition HTC One, once again with stock Android. But according to Pichai, Google's not done with dedicated Nexus phones. "The idea with Nexus is to push on hardware as well," he told Walt Mossberg at this week's D11 conference, "so that will continue." Pichai denied that Google was "done" with Nexus devices, though he said the company would continue to partner with phone makers to promote its stock Android software on other devices.

We haven't seen new Nexus hardware since last year, when the Asus-made Nexus 7, Samsung-made Nexus 10, and LG-made Nexus 4 were all announced. There's no word on what the next device might be, but at least it's now clear that the current generation won't be the last.