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On The Verge: Brian Greene, binge watching, and more

On The Verge: Brian Greene, binge watching, and more

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Directed by: Billy Disney, Jordan Oplinger
Producer: Ross Miller
Associate Producer: Michael Shane
Studio Producer: Brendan Murphy
Executive Producers: Joshua Topolsky, Chad Mumm, Kyle Kramer

Written by: Joshua Topolsky, Ross Miller, Nathan Cykiert

Editors: Billy Disney, Jordan Oplinger
Additional Editing: Regina Dellea
Sound Mixing: John Lagomarsino
Publishing Assistant: Evan Rodgers
Camera Operators: John Lagomarsino, Ryan "Rhondo" Manning, Sam Thonis

Host: Joshua Topolsky
Special Guests: Brian Greene

Featuring: Michael Shane, Nathan Cykiert
Voice of Bloomberg: Nick Fondulis

Production Manager: Marcos Bueno
From Vox Studios: Will Buikema, Dave Kaufman

Intro animation: Noah Shulman
On The Verge logo: Cory Schmitz

Production Assistants: Courtland Noble, Cosmo Scharf, Jacob Moe, Jonathan Friedman

Special Thanks to: Marty Moe and Jim Bankoff