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'Human Asteroids' recreates classic game, makes you the spaceship

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Ever wanted to play a live action version of Asteroids? If Two Bit Circus' travelling circus comes to your town, it could be a very real possibility. Having already created high-tech festival games that feature robots, lasers, and complex machines, its engineers have recreated the classic Atari video game inside a 150 square-foot "field of play."

Human Asteroids uses a laser projector to display the game elements on the floor. A Kinect sensor tracks your movement as you navigate around the game area on a rollable stool while blasting incoming pieces of space rock with a smartphone controller. Two Bit Circus has already secured Atari founder Nolan Bushnell as an advisor (you'll see him playing the game in the video below) as it attempts to raise $100,000 for its Steam Carnival Kickstarter project, and take its state-of-the-art big tent to more towns and cities in the US.