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Asus will release a 4K 31.5-inch monitor in the US this June

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Perfect for professionals, gamers, and people with too much money

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ASUS 4K monitor
ASUS 4K monitor

4K Ultra High-Definition TVs are already on their way to our living rooms, but Asus is planning on giving users the option to connect a next-gen monitor up to their laptops and desktops next month. Scheduled for release in late June, the Asus PQ321 is a 31.5-inch IGZO monitor with 3840 x 2160 resolution. For context, you could fit four 1080p videos on the PQ321's 140 ppi screen without missing a pixel, assuming you have a graphics card that could support such a task. Asus claims the monitor will be "the thinnest 4K UHD monitor available," measuring 35mm at its thickest point.

Only the latest computers will be able to take advantage of all those pixels

The PQ321 has a DisplayPort for hooking up with most PCs and modern Macs, and in the US at least will come with dual HDMI ports. It'll be able to combine two inputs at the same time to offer picture-by-picture support. Although it's unlikely to be supported by current-generation MacBooks and ultrabooks, the next wave of laptops should include Intel's new built-in HD Graphics 5000, which offers 4K resolution support and can output via DisplayPort 1.2, a newer standard that supports higher resolutions. Don't expect to be playing any games at that resolution, but Intel claims its graphics chip does support 4K video playback. As for software, Windows 8.1 will be able to output to 4K displays, and it's likely the OS X 10.9 will also include support for Ultra High-Definition displays.

Asus tells us that the monitor is mostly targeted at creative and professional users, but it also anticipates the monitor will be popular with PC gamers. "Enthusiasts who have dual, triple, or quad GPU" configurations may also "find it more suited to their needs" than using multiple monitors, says Asus. We were unable to confirm a price or exact release date, but rest assured this will be a very expensive monitor. Asus will be showing off the PQ321, along with a larger 39-inch model, at Computex next week, and with a retail launch just weeks away, we don't imagine we'll be waiting too long for a price.