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Microsoft launches iPad comparison site for Windows 8 tablets

Microsoft launches iPad comparison site for Windows 8 tablets

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Microsoft is launching the second phase of its advertising against Apple's iPad this week. Following an iPad mini commercial parody, a new site aims to convince consumers that Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets are worth buying over the iPad. Microsoft has picked the Asus VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS 10, HP Envy x2, and its Surface RT to compare against a 32GB and 64GB iPads.

Most of the comparisons are valid and fair — including battery life, weight, and display size — but Microsoft appears to be singling out Office apps as a benefit without noting Apple's alternative. The software maker notes that the iPad can only run OneNote, but there's no mention that it's up to Microsoft to offer Office apps on iOS. The charts include many of the same comparisons that were made in Microsoft's recent ad, with a central focus on price.

Just like laptop hunters

The comparison site comes just over four years after Microsoft launched its laptop hunter ads that directly targeted Apple's MacBooks with comparisons that also focused on price points. The laptop hunter ads arrived just before the release of Windows 7 as OEMs were still selling Windows Vista-powered laptops. Microsoft's latest comparison site arrives just months before the company plans to release its Windows 8.1 update to address some feedback and introduce new features. The timing is uncanny, but it's just the latest in an effort to push Windows 8's tablet form factors.