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Play this: 'The Queen of Snakes' is a gorgeous, free 'Indiana Jones'-themed adventure game

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The Queen of Snakes
The Queen of Snakes

The Queen of Snakes has a lot going for it. It's a simple and fun point-and-click adventure game with an absolutely stunning comic book art style, as well as a treasure hunting theme that elicits some very strong Indiana Jones vibes. You'll explore a labyrinth temple full of secrets, treasures, puzzles, and of course snakes, and you might even stumble across a famous adventurer along the way. The actual gameplay is standard adventure game style: you'll need to explore, collect items, and then figure out where to use those items to open up new areas to explore. The puzzles generally aren't too tough, but there's a handy walkthrough in case you do get stuck. Best of all, The Queen of Snakes is free and playable in your browser — check it out right now at the source link below.