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E! Online struck by hackers days after Twitter warns of ongoing threats (update)

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Earlier this week Twitter sent out a memo to news outlets, suggesting ways in which they could keep their accounts safe from hackers — but the official account for E! Online appears to have been hacked nonetheless. Earlier today, the account — which goes under the handle @eonline — posted several tweets attributing false statements to Justin Bieber. The Twitter account is currently suspended.

According to retweets and images currently circulating, a later tweet from @eonline named the Syrian Electronic Army as the party responsible for the self-described troll. A group going by the same name has claimed to be behind the takeover of several other high-profile Twitter accounts and websites, including ones connected to NPR, CBS, and The Guardian. Twitter's warning earlier this week was seen as a response to recent attacks; today's incident just underscores the need for stricter security measures — not to mention a two-factor authentication method for Twitter itself— that much more.

Update: The E! News Twitter account has now confirmed the attack.

Update 2: E! Online's Twitter account is now back online.