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Google Glass' awkward interactions parodied on 'Saturday Night Live'

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Google Glass and its new approach to a constantly-connected lifestyle has already been the butt of a number of jokes, including Tumblr blogs devoted to showing how ridiculous the device can be. On Saturday's new episode of Saturday Night Live, the writers of Weekend Update also got into the fray, with fictional tech blogger Randall Meeks and his new Google Glass joining the news desk to speak to Seth Meyers. SNL's portrayal of Google Glass' awkward head gestures and sometimes unresponsive voice commands is funny to watch, and frankly, not that far off from what it's actually like to use Glass. You can check out the clip below and get an idea of what others might think when they see people using Google Glass out in public.

Note: Because of NBC's region restrictions, you might not be able to see this video outside of the US, unless you are able to find it hosted elsewhere (hint: check out some of the comments below).