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Good Deal: Nook HD for $149, Nook HD+ for $179

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Nook HD
Nook HD

After years of focusing on its own content stores, Barnes & Noble has added Google Play support to its Nook tablet line — turning the Nook HD and Nook HD+ into fairly capable cheap Android tablets. Now, Barnes & Noble has knocked down the in-store and online price of both substantially for Mother's Day. From today until May 12th, the 8GB 7-inch Nook HD is selling for $149, down from its usual $199, and a 16GB version (normally $229) is $179. The 9-inch Nook HD+, meanwhile, is $179 for a 16GB version and $209 for a 32GB one, compared to $269 and $299.

As we noted in our reviews, both the HD and the HD+ have great displays and design, though this was balanced by poor speakers and a limited selection of apps in Barnes & Noble's curated store. Barnes & Noble has had a similar deal running in the UK, and it's instituted fire-sale pricing of its Simple Touch e-reader before. But with full support for Play and Google's app ecosystem just added, there's something to set the Nook apart from competitor Amazon.