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Amazon launches Appstore in China, beats Google with paid Android apps

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amazon stock 640

In an attempt to captialize on the expanding mobile economy in China, Amazon has launched its Android Appstore in the country. The company launched its app marketplace quietly, separating it from the list of 200 countries — including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, South Africa, and South Korea — which will launch in "the coming months." While it offers both free and paid apps, Amazon's foray into the Chinese app market sees it become the first western company to offer paid Android apps, giving it a significant boost over its rival Google.

Over the past six months, Amazon has slowly expanded its presence in China — launching the Kindle Store and offering books for use on new Chinese Android and iOS apps. While the company has remained tight-lipped on when it expects to launch its Kindle range in the country, the expansion of its Android Appstore signifies that it will soon be ready to offer Chinese consumers devices that are capable of running its apps. Amazon has also opened a localized version of its developer portal, allowing developers to submit Chinese-language apps, which it says will soon be available to consumers across the world — setting it up to take on the hundreds of local app stores already available in China by offering big name titles via its curated marketplace — and beating Google by offering premium apps to its customers.