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'The Sims 4' coming in 2014, will be an 'offline experience'

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The Sims 3
The Sims 3

Time to start practicing your simlish: fresh off the troubled launch of SimCity, EA and developer Maxis have officially announced The Sims 4, slated to launch some time in 2014. Unfortunately, there are no real details or screenshots available just yet — we know the game will be coming to both Mac and Windows, and EA says that it will reveal more information on its blog later today. The Sims 4 will be the first numbered entry in the series since 2009. Most recently, the series made the shift to Facebook with The Sims Social in 2011, though EA announced last month that the game would be shutting down alongside the social adaptation of SimCity.

Update: Following the initial announcement, EA has provided a few details about the game, most notably that it will be a "single-player offline experience," which is good news for those disappointed by SimCity's always-online requirement. You can also sign-up at the official website to stay on top of latest developments.