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Dropbox launches developer conference to stay ahead in the storage wars

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dropbox header 765

For Dropbox, adding another 100 million users means integrating with an ever-increasing number of devices and services. For that, it needs an army of willing developers. And while Dropbox already connects with thousands of apps, the company will try to extend its reach by holding its first-ever DBX developer conference this summer.

The July 9th event, to take place at Fort Mason in San Francisco, will give developers a chance to meet with Dropbox engineers and one another to share ideas about building on the platform. Developers will also "be the first to learn about new products that will make developing on Dropbox even easier," the company said in a blog post. That could mean a first look at what Dropbox is doing with some of its recent acquisitions, which include Snapjoy for photo sharing, Mailbox for email, and Audiogalaxy for music.

A first look at where Dropbox goes next

Since it was founded, Dropbox has faced questions over how it will avoid being overtaken by online storage offerings from bigger competitors. But the emergence of SkyDrive, Google Drive, and iCloud have done seemingly little to blunt the company's momentum. (Dropbox still has a long way to go, though, as Steve Ballmer was happy to note.)

The announcement of DBX comes a few months after Dropbox simplified its developer tools, making it easier for developers to implement Dropbox tools like sync, offline caching, and background uploads without building custom software. And it comes as the company is slowly redefining itself, evolving beyond files and folders to create easier ways to store and view the content users store on the service.

DBX is likely to give the world its first look at where the company goes from here. Developers can request an invitation to the event at the DBX website.