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'Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time' launching in July

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plants vs zombies iphone
plants vs zombies iphone

In case you were wondering, Plants vs. Zombies franchise isn't dead yet. Back in August, developer PopCap announced that the massively popular survival game was getting a sequel. Today, PopCap revealed that Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time will arrive sometime in July.

While EA-owned developer PopCap hasn't said what platforms the game will launch on, it's likely only a matter of time before Plants vs. Zomibies 2 is available on just about everything. The original game, which made it's debut as a PC and OS X game back in May of 2009, has been ported over to iOS, Android, Chrome, the Xbox 360, the Nintendo DS, Sony's PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and even Samsung's Bada operating system. The first Plants vs. Zombies title is one of the most successful games to ever come out of PopCap (it's the 12th most downloaded paid iOS app ever), and a big reason why gaming behemoth Electronic Arts bought the PopCap in 2011 for $650 million and $100 million in stock. After the EA takeover, as PopCap was integrating itself into its new mother company, the developer laid off 50 employees in North America, and it closed it's Dublin office.

The release timeline was announced in a short YouTube video that didn't give any details about the game, but did include frustrated people screaming and questioning why it's taken so long for PopCap to get around to building the sequel — the game is about 4 years old now. PopCap hasn't said what's taken so long, but it's nice to see to see the company being willing to poke some fun at itself over the delay.