The process of trying to rent an apartment in New York City is its own special circle of hell. Verge science editor Katie Drummond was thrilled when she found an apartment on Craigslist that fit her price range and was just across from a beautiful park in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. When she showed up to meet the broker, however, “He told me that the apartment we wanted had been rented but they had an ‘amazing’ studio available nearby.”

This “amazing studio” ended up being a basement apartment with two tiny windows. “I should have known better, but the guy was really high pressure,” says Drummond. He told her there were a number of other offers, but if she put in an application and paid $500 cash, he would bump her to the front of the line.

Shortly after she moved in, it became clear the entire building was infested with roaches. “We had it exterminated twice,” Drummond remembered. “We ended up having to pay to break the lease early AND find new tenants before they'd let us move out.”