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SoftBank CEO touts 4G expertise as major advantage in Sprint buyout

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softbank son stock 2040
softbank son stock 2040

Last week, SoftBank CEO dissected Dish Network’s competing bid for Sprint, calling it "incomplete and illusory," but today he explained exactly why he thinks SoftBank is better poised than its competition to take control of the company: synergy. After introducing SoftBank's new summer phones at a carrier event in Tokyo, the CEO described its networking advancements like interference-reducing single frequency network (SFN) technology, and how he believed that they, along with its achievements in transfer speed and signal quality, would translate to benefits at Sprint.

"We're already using it on a large scale."

Fielding a question from a Bloomberg reporter, Son elaborated, saying that the synergies amounted to a significant difference in the assets that the competing companies brought to the table. He also took the occasion to remind everyone that the 2.5GHz TD-LTE spectrum that Sprint stands to acquire from Clearwire is the same band that SoftBank uses. "SoftBank 4G" TD-LTE service is "the first time in the world that this transmission method has been employed for commercial use, and we’re already using it on a large scale," the CEO explained.

Later, when pressed on exactly why he thought that having deployed TD-LTE amounted to an advantage against Dish, Son explained that the big key in Sprint’s resuscitation would be its ability to quickly and efficiently utilize its new spectrum. "The partner that’s able to make best use of it is clearly SoftBank," he quipped. Whether that’s enough to assuage worries about potential lingual and cultural friction at America’s third-largest carrier will be settled with a shareholder vote on the SoftBank proposal in June.