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Lumia 928 confirmed by official Nokia website

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Lumia 928 teaser
Lumia 928 teaser

Following weeks of rumors and an apparent billboard ad, Nokia has launched a teaser site for its upcoming Lumia 928 handset. The site doesn't reveal all the specifications and details about the Lumia 928, but it confirms the naming and follows a recent magazine ad noting its launch on Verizon. The printed ad confirms Nokia's focus on the low-light abilities of the Lumia 928, with a mention of PureView, optical image stabilization, and the typical Carl Zeiss lens.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop recently hinted that a new Lumia would gain hero status at a major US carrier, and it appears the Lumia 928 launch is imminent on Verizon. Nokia's image doesn't show the device fully, but it's consistent with previous leaks and looks similar to the company's Lumia 920 handset. Both Microsoft and Nokia are believed to be investing significant marketing resources into the new Lumia 928 launch, hoping to boost Windows Phone market share in the US. Nokia hasn't confirmed a launch date or pricing for the Lumia 928, simply teasing that people should "stay tuned for updates."

Update: Nokia isn't commenting specifically about its teaser site. "While we continue to work closely with Verizon and Microsoft to promote Windows Phone, we have made no new product announcements at this point. All I can say is you should expect to hear more from us soon," says a Nokia spokesperson.