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Rovio Accounts will sync 'Angry Birds' progress across all your devices

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Rovio iOS logo
Rovio iOS logo

Rovio's games — particularly the Angry Birds series — have propagated across a wide variety of mobile devices, but unfortunately there's no way to keep your progress in sync. If you're an iPad and iPhone user, what you do on one device isn't reflected on the other, but Rovio's hoping to change that with the introduction of Rovio Accounts. It's a simple service that only requires an email address to sign up for, and once you've done so your progress will be synced across devices after signing in with that account. Rovio Accounts will also let multiple users save their progress on a shared device, something that'll certainly be useful for families with only one tablet.

It's a much-requested and potentially useful feature, but right now it is severely limited — Rovio Accounts work with The Croods globally and on the original Angry Birds in Finland and Poland. That's it — no Angry Birds Space or Bad Piggies syncing just yet. The company says it intends to continue rolling out this feature to other countries and games, but for now only players of The Croods will really be able to benefit from Rovio accounts.