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'Upstream Color,' the new film from 'Primer' director Shane Carruth, available online now

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Upstream Color
Upstream Color

Upstream Color, the beautiful and acclaimed indie sci-fi film from Primer director Shane Carruth, is still showing in a few theaters, but it's now available for everyone as a download or DVD. Carruth has released Upstream Color for download on a variety of platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play; while it's $14.99 on these sites, you can also spend $5 more for a DRM-free stream or download through his studio's site. A combination DVD / Blu-ray bundle is also for sale, with access to the download included.

Upstream Color premiered just a few months ago at Sundance Film Festival, and it's seen an extremely limited theatrical release since then; in an interview with our own Ross Miller, Carruth discussed plans for using digital distribution to make it available to a wider audience. Despite (or because of) its cult popularity, his first film Primer proved difficult to find until it began showing up in digital form online; it got its own DRM-free release late last year. For Upstream Color, that's happened much more quickly. If you haven't had the chance to see the film yet, you can check out our review from Sundance here.