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Windows Phone finally gets a full YouTube app with playlists and sign-in support

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Youtube Windows Phone
Youtube Windows Phone

Microsoft is updating its YouTube application for Windows Phone on Tuesday in a significant way. Previously, the app was simply a web link to the mobile YouTube interface, but it's now a full application for Windows Phone 8 devices. You can now access videos, channels, playlists, and pin them to the Windows Phone 8 Start Screen. Microsoft is also supporting YouTube accounts, allowing you to access your uploads, playlists, and video lists.

Windows Phone users have had to use third-party alternatives such as Metrotube or Google's own YouTube mobile interface, so Microsoft's updated app is a welcome change. The app also supports the Kid's Corner feature of Windows Phone with a system to limit content based on YouTube Safety Mode settings. Microsoft has always said it was ready to release a "high quality YouTube app for Windows Phone," but the company previously complained to the EU that Google had refused to let Windows Phone access YouTube metadata. It appears that the two companies have been able to reconcile their differences.