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The Verge Mobile Show 046 - May 7th 2013

The Verge Mobile Show 046 - May 7th 2013

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verge mobile show intro screenshot 2
verge mobile show intro screenshot 2

We are now in the first week of May — a month that promises to be chock full of all kinds of mobile-related news. While things have been quiet on the mobile front thus far, that's likely to change with a bang next week, as events are scheduled for Google, Nokia, and BlackBerry all at the same time. Join our hosts as we go over the news of the past week and look forward to what may happen in the coming weeks.

Windows Phone finally gets a full YouTube app with playlists and sign-in support

Hulu Plus arrives on Windows Phone as Microsoft's game of app catch-up continues

Foursquare unveils redesigned Windows Phone 8 app, to come preloaded on select Lumia devices

Lumia 928 confirmed by official Nokia website

Nokia Lumia 928 appears on alleged billboard, claims to have 'best low-light smartphone camera'

In 2013, the keys to Android are still held by the carriers

HTC M4 leaks as a 4.3-inch miniature One

Samsung says microSD slot makes up for Galaxy S4's storage shortcomings

LG's Optimus G Pro coming to US as an AT&T exclusive May 10th, priced at $199.99

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein joins Qualcomm board of directors

Meet Tom Wheeler, the man who could control your digital life

Dish Network attempts $25.5 billion Sprint merger