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Google+ Hangouts updated with live rewind and instant replay

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Google+ Hangouts on Air Stock
Google+ Hangouts on Air Stock

Google+ Hangouts are getting a little more convenient for viewers with a new update. The video chat service will now let users rewind live broadcasts, allowing those who came late to an event to catch up on the full chat. Recordings of the Hangouts will now be immediately accessible on YouTube as well. Previously, the chats wouldn't be viewable until a short while after they concluded, but Google says that it's removed this delay and that users will be able to play back their video as soon as the recording is through. A few other small tweaks should enhance the viewing experience for Hangouts as well, including improved video quality on mobile and a quicker time between loading a chat and when it begins to play. The company notes that the only downside to the series of changes will be for hosts, who may notice that initiating Hangouts takes slightly longer than it used to.