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Office Web Apps update set to include real-time editing and Android tablet support

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microsoft office stock
microsoft office stock

Microsoft outlined some upcoming changes to its Office Web Apps on Tuesday, announcing its plans for the next year and beyond. An update for real-time co-authoring will be made available in the "next few months" to allow Office Web App users to immediately see each other's changes without needing to refresh a document. It's a minor change, currently rolling out to the PowerPoint Web App, but it brings it on par with Google's own web-based document editing.

Office Web Apps will also fully support Android tablets soon thanks to new mobile Chrome browser support. Currently, Office Web Apps are available on Windows 8 tablets and iPads, but the expansion will let Android users edit documents from a tablet. Microsoft hasn't set a date for the Android support, but it's also working to speed things up across all of its Office Web Apps.

Touch-friendly Office apps also on the way

The software maker is also currently working on an Office update, codenamed Gemini, that's expected to be made available later this year. The update, according to sources, will include Windows 8-style versions of Office designed specifically for tablet and touch-enabled devices.