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Portait photographer Platon on working with Bill Gates, Tim Cook, and other tech titans

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British-born photographer Platon has traveled the globe to capture unique portraits of some of the world's most famous and powerful people. From Bill Clinton to Colonel Gaddafi, his storytelling in the form of photography has been well documented and praised with recognition and awards. At the Wired Business Conference this week, Platon took to the stage to once again provide some fascinating insight into his work and the people he has met.

Platon recently worked with Wired magazine to capture the profiles of some of the most famous people in tech. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates are among a handful of innovators alongside some "PayPal Mafia" members. Platon describes the moment he met Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for his photo, saying "he's like a bear," and he shares Apple CEO Tim Cook's wariness of having his picture taken. He wraps the talk up with a powerful picture that helped define the Egyptian revolution, before warning that technology must serve people. "We must never allow the technology to dominate us," says Platon. "We, always, have to be in control."

Note: you will need to visit the Fora site to watch the entire 30 minute speech.