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Good Deal: HTC First on sale for 99 cents with two-year contract at AT&T

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HTC First Good Deal
HTC First Good Deal

Stock Android and LTE data speeds for a buck. That's what awaits anyone who takes advantage of AT&T's just announced sale on the HTC First. The inaugural Facebook Home device is just 99 cents (on contract, naturally) for a limited time; launched last month, it's usually $99.99. Even when you factor in the First's mediocre camera and midrange internals though, it's hard to complain about this price point. If you're a heavy Facebook user, there's no better-suited phone out there. And if you decide to disable Facebook's Android skin (or merely use it as your lock screen) you'll get the stock Android experience in a form factor that's actually comfortable in one hand — complete with LTE. We only hope that AT&T's quick discount isn't a sign of retail troubles for the First.