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Action movie parody 'Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon' becomes an actual live-action movie trailer

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Retro sci-fi shooter Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is an over-the-top take on '80s and '90s action movies — "a little Terminator, a little Alien, and a whole lot of neon." So, naturally, the next step was to turn the game into an equally ludicrous real film, or at least a live-action trailer for one. Prolific YouTube filmmaker Mike Diva has reimagined Blood Dragon as a gritty futuristic detective story along the lines of Judge Dredd, though it's such a high pastiche of cop movie and science fiction cliches as to defy any real categorization.

It's also, behind the laser shows and VHS tracking errors, quite well-made, with solid choreography and a tone that perfectly skewers all the scenes you remember from terrible late-night movies. The only downside is envisioning the inevitable full-length studio film we assume will someday come of Blood Dragon, and the corresponding video game adaptation it will presumably receive. Look out for Far Cry 3: Ouroboros sometime in 2015.