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Nokia's new portable charger is a real-life Live Tile

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Nokia charger
Nokia charger

Nokia just launched a new Asha phone on Thursday, but it's also spreading its Lumia-inspired design and color elsewhere. The Finnish smartphone maker is launching a new DC-18 portable USB charger that looks very similar to Microsoft's Windows Phone Live Tiles. While Nokia has previously launched an equally colorful DC-16 charger, the latest version swaps a tube design for a square. Nokia has also added a battery status indicator on the outside of the charger, providing a live view of the current charge level.

The charger matches Nokia's Lumia and Asha colors, available in cyan, yellow, magenta, and white. However, it only has a capacity of 1,720 mAh, so you're only going to be able to charge a device once before it needs topping up via the retracting Micro USB cable. There's no word on pricing, and availability seems to be limited to certain European countries with a focus on Africa, Asia Pacific, and Middle East markets.

Update: Nokia says the "estimated price" is around 15 euros with a release planned for June and July in select markets.