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    Real-life Batmobile to race in Gumball rally next week

    Real-life Batmobile to race in Gumball rally next week

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    The Batmobile is street legal. Or at least, a recreated version of the Tumbler from Christopher Nolan's series is. A group of racers known as Team Galag have been working on a to-scale remake of the superhero's vehicle, aiming to have it ready to race in this year's Gumball 3000 when it begins on May 18th. Though the team wants the full unveiling to come when the race begins, they've been teasing photos — and finally one brief video — of the machine's construction.

    Galag's Tumbler is no speed demon — the 2.5-ton machine tops out at 100 mph — but it doesn't have to be fast. The Gumball 3000 is less of a race and more of a cross-country joyride. No prize is given to the driver who places first in the 3,000-mile rally, however, a prize is awarded to the team that best embodies the fun spirit of the race. Largely, it's a mix of supercars, parties, and celebrities, with past participants including Tony Hawk, Kate Moss, and Xzibit, to name a few. Galag reports that their Tumbler is completed, and it should begin racing through Europe next week.

    Team Galag's Batmobile


    Image source: Sam Moores Photography