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SideSync tool helps Samsung's Galaxy phones and PCs play nice together

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Last month, Samsung announced SideSync, a tool that enables deeper cross-integration between the company's Galaxy smartphones and PCs. The initial unveiling was light on details, but a new YouTube video gives us a better idea of what's in store for users. If you can get past the extremely stilted (automated?) narration, you'll learn that Samsung's goal with the app is to essentially make your phone serve as an extension of your PC. Once docked and with the SideSync utility installed, you'll be able to enable automatic backups of files and photos that reside on your handset. But the functionality extends far beyond that; users can control their smartphone with a keyboard and mouse, for instance. SideSync also allows you to copy / paste (or drag and drop) data between both devices. And if you don't have a dock or an efficient way to prop up your Galaxy S4, you can choose to run a screen-sharing mode that displays a resizable, virtual mirror of your phone. We're not sure if SideSync will be a determining factor in whether consumers opt for a Samsung device, but it sounds like a nice bonus for those who do.