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Block TV spoilers before they hit your Twitter feed with upcoming Chrome extension

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Whether you're a fan of Mad Men, Game of Thrones, or American Idol, you probably know the danger of opening Twitter before you've caught up on the latest episode. reports that a new Chrome extension, and the winning entry of the TVnext Hack competition, is aiming to quell dedicated viewers' concerns by blocking spoilers before they hit their Twitter feeds. Developer Jennie Lamere's tool removes possibly unwanted TV news from Twitter until you've finished watching a show — and, like a DVR, her extension lets you play the tweets back later. But Lamere isn't trying to break the bank by selling a product: the contest comes with a modest prize, and the 17-year-old student was simply looking to augment her college fund.

Not only was Lamere the only developer who wasn't participating as part of a team, but Mother Jones reports that she was also the only female entrant in the competition. The developer told Mother Jones that she finds the gender breakdown at coding events to be "a little weird," but that it's something she's used to by now. Her winning extension, Twivo, isn't ready yet, but it should be available within a few weeks.

Klout helps it sort through the noise

The extension works by determining the hashtags, actors, and companies associated with a TV show. It blocks everything relevant inside of a user's Twitter stream until it's told to stop, at which point it plays back the blocked tweets at the top of the stream, highlighting what it thinks may be more important by using Klout's influence rankings. The extension might not catch everything just yet — it was only put together over the course of two days — but Lamere believes that by tapping into existing databases of television information that it'll be simple enough for her tool to cover all of the bases eventually. While you can't try it out now, Mother Jones reports that Lamere's exposure has led at least one tech company to approach her about marketing the product, so there's a chance it'll be showcased in more detail soon.