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Netflix takes Bluth's banana stand on tour ahead of 'Arrested Development' return

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Bluth banana stand
Bluth banana stand

Throughout Arrested Development's three seasons on Fox, Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand served as a constant set-piece and quite possibly the family's sole legitimate means of income. As Netflix prepares to revive the beloved series for its subscribers, it's giving fans the chance to visit the wooden yellow fixture in real life. Destroyed and resurrected numerous times throughout the show's network run, the banana stand is setting out on a tour that will hit London, Los Angeles, and New York City. The promotional festivities began yesterday in the UK, with additional stops there planned for today, May 15th, and the 21st. From there, things will move to the US; Arrested Development's Twitter account will be revealing specific locations where you'll find the banana stand each day. Netflix is also promising surprise appearances by the Bluth family ahead of the show's long-awaited return on May 26th.