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Facebook Home to get buddy list and app dock in coming updates

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Facebook Home Android
Facebook Home Android

Facebook today detailed some of the first updates that it would be delivering to its new suite of Android software, Home. According to TechCrunch, the company is planning on adding a dock to Home's app launcher, similar to what already exists on iOS and stock Android, that would allow users to have a persistent set of favorite apps at the bottom of the selection screen. Facebook is also working on adding a quick way to begin new conversations in Chat Heads. When it's updated, tapping on one of the floating bubbles will open a list of recent and frequently contacted friends, instead of requiring that users enter Messenger to begin a new conversation. The company hasn't announced when these changes will come, but it intends to include them in one the promised monthly software releases that it'll be putting out for Home.

Now around one month after launch, Facebook Home has been downloaded nearly 1 million times, reports TechCrunch. However, the app saw more than half of those installs only nine days after its launch, which suggests that momentum could be slowing. But Home is accomplishing its intended goal of making users more involved with Facebook. The company reported that Home users spend 25 percent more time on the service than the average user, and that they leave 25 percent more comments and likes, as well. To ease-in new adopters, Facebook is also planning on adding a walkthrough to Home to help familiarize users with the software. The company will be releasing the first update for Home today, though it will only include bug fixes and performance enhancements, and no new features.