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Sydney's Harbour Bridge transformed into a massive LED interactive light show

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Colour the Bridge
Colour the Bridge

Last week, Sydney's Harbour Birdge was lit up as a part of the city's annual Vivid Sydney festival — which see many of the city's landmarks shod in rainbow hues. But the Bridge took things a step further than other displays around the city by giving the public a chance to choose the colors shown in the installation.

The light display on the bridge — which is visible only on the western side of the structure — can be controlled by the public in real time using a large touchscreen placed on the shoreline nearby. The control app, built by Sydney's 32 Hundred Lighting production company, works a bit like finger painting on a massive tablet, allowing users to color the bridge in a spectrum of hues. According to 32 Hundred Lighting, the art project was made using 100,800 LEDs. That, along with the interactive element, outdoes the San Francisco Bay Bridge light sculpture, which is less colorful, uses just 25,000 LEDs, and features no public control. The Sydney installation is visible and interactive nightly, from 6pm to midnight, until June 10, which is when the Intel sponsored festival ends.