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How China's one-child policy created a generation obsessed with nostalgia

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china / chinese flag (STOCK)
china / chinese flag (STOCK)

There's a surge of nostalgia amongst a certain segment of the Chinese population, and as Amanda R. Martinez writes in the New Yorker, it might just have to do with loneliness. The craving for all things nostalgic is currently prevalent amongst those born between 1980 and 1989 — the first generation born after China's one-child policy — and they're indulging in everything from Transformers to classroom-themed restaurants. "They came of age in tandem with China's transition to a more market-based economy," writes Martinez, "a fateful stroke of timing through which they were enlisted as involuntary trailblazers, tasked with defining what it means to be both modern and Chinese." Be sure to check out the essay in its entirety at the New Yorker.