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Play this: 'Phantom Fishing' turns you into an underwater ghost hunter

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Phantom Fishing screenshot
Phantom Fishing screenshot

As the movies have shown us, being a ghostbuster isn't all that easy — and as Phantom Fishing proves, doing it underwater is even harder. The one-button browser game has an exceedingly simple premise, but in practice it's very hard. All you have to do is guide a stream through the water to collect some ghost fish. There are obstacles to contend with, and you can only use one stream to catch an entire roomful of fish, but really the biggest challenge is dealing with the controls. The stream will automatically move to the right, and your only method of control is to push it back left. This makes being precise quite difficult, so it can be a real challenge to get through rooms with multiple fish surrounded by barriers. At least you don't have to worry about crossing any streams.