This year’s WWDC may have started off slow with a nondescript app demo from third-party developer Anki, but the typical barrage of news started soon enough, with major updates to both iOS and OS X only representing part of the press conference. Both operating systems have abandoned nearly all signs of skeuomorphism — indeed, Apple executives continually poked fun at the felt, stitching, and leather featured in older versions of the operating systems. iOS 7 looks shockingly refreshing, and OS X has seen many changes as well — including a move away from cat names. 10.9 is known as “Mavericks,” and it kicks off a series of California-inspired names for future versions. Overall, the extremely welcome software tweaks (which we’ll enumerate below) show Apple catching up to its competitors in many ways.

The show was light on hardware though new MacBook Airs with “all-day” battery life, Intel’s new Haswell processors, and lower price points were announced, as well as a long-overdue redesign of Apple’s Mac Pro desktop. Stubborn rumors about an Apple TV and iWatch will likely refuse to die, as Tim Cook and company had nothing to announce today, and we expect that users will continue to complain about iOS 6 until later this year as no one but developers will get their hands on the new stitching-free version of the mobile operating system until this fall.