Sony’s E3 press conference started a full six hours after Microsoft’s ended, plenty of time for everyone to digest the Xbox One’s $499 pricetag, glut of AAA games, and sparse utilization of Kinect and SmartGlass. Now Sony gets the last word, a chance to explain why the PlayStation 4 won’t repeat the mistakes of the PlayStation 3, a chance to explain why this time it has figured it out. It’s a full on console war from here on out, and this was Sony’s best chance to prove it can win it.

Of course, first it had to show what the PlayStation 4 actually is. At Sony’s initial PS4 announcement in February, the games, capabilities, and controllers for the system were heavily emphasized, but we didn’t see the box itself.

Now it’s all out on the table: a $399 pricetag, a sexy, slim box, and... video games that you own. It’s not rocket science, but Sony appears to get it this gen around. The company has yet to show anything that implies it competes with the Xbox One as an home entertainment system, but it seems to get video games.